crochet pattern

Cardholder and Folding Mat for Tarot and Gaming Cards

This is a cardholder and folding mat for Tarot and  collectible gaming cards like Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve written the pattern in 2 sizes.The smaller size holds a full deck and up toa 5 card spread.The larger size holds a full deck and a 15 or more card spread, depending on card size.

This pattern calls for a worsted 3/dk weight yarn and a 3mm hook and 3.5 mm hook.Depending on the size you make you will need between 230-530 yds of yarn.

I include instructions on making the decorative symbols and I have included my Flying Dragon Applique pattern for anyone interested in making the dragon to go on their holder.(I set a finished dragon on mine just to make sure it fits)

The pattern can be found here on my Ravelry: or here on my Etsy: If you buy this pattern on my Ravelry you can choose a 2nd pattern for free! No coupon code needed.

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