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Skull Pullover Crochet Pattern

Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce my newest crochet pattern, the Skull Pullover.

The pattern can be purchased here on my Etsy: 20% off sale on all patterns now through February 15th, no code needed!

This pattern is made with mainly simple half double crochet stitches. It’s worked from the bottom up. I used a worsted 4/aran weight yarn and a 5mm hook (Lion Brand Pound of Love) This pullover is ment to be a bit oversized. I give instructions for sizes sm/med, lg/xl, 1x-3x. I also include options for various yarn types ( worsted 3/dk weight, worsted 5 & 6.

I give options to make it with a collar or hood. I also give instructions on making the sleeves longer or shorter. The skulls design is made up of half double crochet, double crochet, single crochet and slip stitches. Its fairly repetitive and fairly easy once you get into a rhythem.

If you purchase the pattern and run into any problems, need help, have suggestions or just want to share pics, please feel free to contact me!

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Leg Lamp Ornament

I woke up one morning and just knew I had to make this!So I sat down, made my sketch to gauge my size by and began to crochet and write.

This pattern is free in my Ravelry store(link is below). I figured since its a Christmas ornament then it could be my gift to you for the holidays.

I used number 10 crochet thread in skin tone, black, gold and yellow. Everything is made with a 1.5 mm crochet hook.It’s all done with simple stitches,and should be a very easy make even for beginners. The trickiest part is the heel on the shoe and while there are plenty of picture in the pattern I have provided a video below to help anyone who may have issues with that part.

Making the heel on the shoe.

The pattern can be found here in my Ravelry

If you would like to buy just the ornament you can find it here at my Etsy

Happy Holidays!I hope you enjoy making the ornament!

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V Hooded Pullover

Hello!The weather is still warm here but I’ve been thinking ahead to cooler months.Who doesn’t love a comfy hoodie or a warm ,soft ,snuggly sweater on a chilly day?I know I do.

My guy gifted me a very beautiful Lion Brand Landscapes yarn for Christmas in the Apple Orchard color way.I loved the vibrant colors but I just couldn’t find a project to do them justice.I finally decided it would make a great accent color on a sweater.At that point I got a bit carried away.While I love a good sweater,I love the comfort of a hoodie to.So I decided to combine them.I was very pleased with the finished product.

I wanted something comfy and relaxed yet versatile so it could be worn at a casual get together, dinner or outing.What I came up with was a simple sweater style with ribbed cuffs, waistband,and a ribbed collar.I was very pleased with that part of the pattern,it made a simple yet stylish sweater thanks to the v-stitch embellishments on each sleeve.It dressed it up a bit.After completing the sweater I decided on a v-stitch hood.It pulls together nicely with the v-stitch embellishments on the sleeves..(the hood is totally optional,but a must for me).After adding the hood I decided I definitely wanted a front pocket, because to me no hoodie is complete with out one.I went with a simple double crochet pocket sewn to the front.(again this is totally optional,but a must for me .

I used Lion Brand pound of love for the main color.Its a nice,soft texture that makes the sweater thick ,but not to thick,and snuggly


It’s made with a 5mm hook using half double crochet, single crochet,v-stitch ,and a few slip stitch rows.A great pattern for beginners or old pros.

I made this as kind of a one size fits all but the pattern includes notes to make it smaller or larger as needed.To be honest I hadn’t even considered publishing this pattern, because I was just trying to make myself a comfy hoodie,but so many people have asked about a pattern,so I typed it all up.I hope you all enjoy!

Here is the link to my pattern for the V Hooded Pullover on Ravelry and Etsy…

I’d love to see your finished product and hear your feedback!

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Making a summer top or vest:

The creation of a pattern to fill both needs.

I love the look of the bandana/scarf tops.So flowy and flattering for any body type. I’ve made several out of fabric,but I’ve never tried with yarn.Along the way I’ve learned a few things:

1)It takes alot of yarn. 2)Using alot of yarn makes the project heavy. 3)Heavy does not make a good summer top. So I came up with an idea to make it lighter without taking away from the flow.Instead of using the 4 square style, I omitted the back squares and went with one rectangle for the back.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out.As a bonus I discovered that if you don’t sew the front squares together,it makes for a great vest.As I person who likes vests I was excited to work out the details on this.

I used a 4mm hook and Caron Cotton Cakes yarn and chose a stitch pattern to keep it light. However I know some prefer tops for the summer that they don’t have to layer,and the holes in some patterns can make that impossible.This pattern makes it very simple to omit the holey part,just use double crochets in place of the chain one skip a stitch,and it comes out nicely without changing the look to much. I’ve also made it in sizes small, medium,large,xlarge,2xlarge,and 3xlarge.Ive included instructions on making it smaller or larger if needed.

The pattern is now live on my Ravelry,and can be purchased here

I’m currently working on adding it to my Etsy shop.