Stitch Markers

I took a break from working on my new Blankets of the World Series to make some stitch markers!

These turned out great! I added holders to help keep them together when not in use. I’m hoping to get a chance to make a few more sets in the next few days. These completed sets can be found at my Etsy here:

I mentioned my Blankets of the World Series above, there will be more on that in the coming days and weeks. Right now I’m sketching and getting ideas together. I’m excited to be working on this and hope you enjoy my journey.

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Skull Pullover Crochet Pattern

Hello everyone! I’d like to introduce my newest crochet pattern, the Skull Pullover.

The pattern can be purchased here on my Etsy: 20% off sale on all patterns now through February 15th, no code needed!

This pattern is made with mainly simple half double crochet stitches. It’s worked from the bottom up. I used a worsted 4/aran weight yarn and a 5mm hook (Lion Brand Pound of Love) This pullover is ment to be a bit oversized. I give instructions for sizes sm/med, lg/xl, 1x-3x. I also include options for various yarn types ( worsted 3/dk weight, worsted 5 & 6.

I give options to make it with a collar or hood. I also give instructions on making the sleeves longer or shorter. The skulls design is made up of half double crochet, double crochet, single crochet and slip stitches. Its fairly repetitive and fairly easy once you get into a rhythem.

If you purchase the pattern and run into any problems, need help, have suggestions or just want to share pics, please feel free to contact me!

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Cardholder and Folding Mat for Tarot and Gaming Cards

This is a cardholder and folding mat for Tarot and  collectible gaming cards like Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve written the pattern in 2 sizes.The smaller size holds a full deck and up toa 5 card spread.The larger size holds a full deck and a 15 or more card spread, depending on card size.

This pattern calls for a worsted 3/dk weight yarn and a 3mm hook and 3.5 mm hook.Depending on the size you make you will need between 230-530 yds of yarn.

I include instructions on making the decorative symbols and I have included my Flying Dragon Applique pattern for anyone interested in making the dragon to go on their holder.(I set a finished dragon on mine just to make sure it fits)

The pattern can be found here on my Ravelry: or here on my Etsy: If you buy this pattern on my Ravelry you can choose a 2nd pattern for free! No coupon code needed.

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                             Yarn Box

I’m a huge Harry Potter Fan, so no suprise when I come up with something Harry Potter inspired!I also have a love for anything yarn storage related. Bags,boxes,bowls….I have a wide variety of each.

This box is multi-functional. It can hold yarn and crochet or knitting supplies. You can also work out of it.It has a total of 4 holes and 2 spirals,allowing you to work up to 6 balls of yarn.It can also be closed and secured shut for ease in moving your working yarn or project from one place to the next.

The box can hold 2-3 full size skeins of yarn,depending on brand.

It measures 12″ long, 8″ wide ,and 5″ high. Made from wood. Hand carved, hand painted. Stained and sealed. It has a metal handle ,locks/clasps for closing, and decorative corner pieces.

This item can be found here at my Etsy store:

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Skulls Christmas Stocking Pattern

Hello everyone!I just can’t seem to get away from skulls!Here is the latest pattern in my skulls collection, The Skulls Christmas Stocking. The pattern can be found here on my Ravelry, where I’m having a 25% off or buy 1 get one 50% off sale until Sunday: Or you can get it here on my Etsy

I used a 4mm hook and 2 skeins of Caron Simply Soft.My finished size was 24″ tall and 7″ wide. You can use any worsted 4/aran weight yarn ,or a worsted 3/dk weight yarn if you want it a bit smaller.

This will probably be the last pattern in my skulls motif for a while as I focus on my Dragon Tree Skirt, Dragon Stocking and a few other things I’ve been wanting to make. There are some amazing patterns out there I’m dying to try! I hope you enjoy making my pattern, I’d love to see your finished work!

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Cow Diaper Cover and Hat Set Pattern

Hello all! So excited, I finally got the pattern typed up for my Cow Diaper Cover set. Its been sitting and waiting on me for over a year now. This pattern is a pretty quick make.It calls for about 330 yds of a worsted 4 or aran weight yarn and a 5mm crochet hook. The stitches are pretty straight foward, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet.

You can find the pattern here on my Ravelry or here on my Etsy

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Baby Dragon Pattern

Here it is,the companion pattern to my Unicorn!

I used the base pattern (head and body of the unicorn)to create this little guy.The arms and legs are also the same, except for the addition of the toes.

His wings are attached at the back and to his arms.

He can be made in a worsted 4/aran weight, a worsted 3/dk weight,or a worsted 2.The one pictured is done in a thinner worsted 4 with a 4mm hook.

His ears are free standing,sewn on across the front and tacked at the back.

You can find the pattern here on my Ravelry

When you buy the Baby Dragon pattern,add the Unicorn pattern to your cart and use code BabyDragon1 to get the unicorn pattern free!

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Day of the Dead Mask Pattern

Hello all! I finally finished my Day of the Dead masquerade mask pattern!

It took me awhile to complete.I had to get my hands used to the tiny stitches and get a good idea on size.So I did research and a trial run making the mask pictured below.Its a free pattern found on

For my pattern, I used #10 crochet thread and a 1.5mm hook.I took inspiration from all the beautiful day of the dead masks I’ve seen for sale in stores lately. I knew I wanted to incorporate a spider web ,so I made that the center of the mask.

It took alot of trial and error to get it added in,but I feel it was worth it.

I tried to use lots of colors,by adding the flowers.I didn’t want to make them to big, I was trying to keep the mask light weight. I also added ribbon and lengths of the thread I used.

I hope you all enjoy!

You can find my pattern on my Ravelry here:

Or at my Etsy store here:

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Skull Pocket Shawl

Hi!I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend!I spent my weekend in Williamsburg, VA, visiting Jamestown and venturing thru Busch Gardens Hallow Scream event!In my down time I was finishing up this pocket shawl pattern.

I wanted a pocket shawl to take me thru the chilly evenings of fall,but I wanted skulls on it to represent my favorite holiday, Halloween.So I faced the issue of it being to holey with all the skulls.After much trial and error I decide on a simple design that utilizes simple stitches to highlight the skulls that adorn the top and bottom edge.This allowed me to use a more Solid stitch within the body of the shawl, solving the “too holey” issue.

The hood was an after thought and it is totally optional.Instead of using fringe on the ends of the shawl I opted to trim the entire piece with the crab stitch.Of course if you love the fringe look feel free to add it.

The pattern is in my Etsy and Ravelry .On Ravelry I’m having a 25% off sale or buy one pattern get one 50% off ,no code needed.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!I look forward to seeing pictures of your completed projects!

It’s now up on Etsy too!

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Projects,projects ,and more projects!

Good day everyone!As we come up on the holiday weekend, I find myself overwhelmed with ideas for patterns, unfortunately I am also overwhelmed with ongoing projects.

A few weeks ago I started working on a wonderful project, Coddiwomple,it’s a beautiful pattern by Nikki Chapman,with so many options.You can literally work this pattern 1000 times and always create something different!

This is my starting square.Almost ready to move on to the next shape.Check out WiggleStick Designs on Ravelry for more of her awesome patterns!

I’m also trying to find time to work on a wedding dress I started.

There is no rush on this one.Im free handing it.We haven’t even set an actual date yet, however I had an idea,so of course I had to put it into action.Unfortunately ,as of late ,I have had way to many ideas.Lol

After finishing my V hoodie,I decided I wanted a sweater with Yaggdrasil or the tree of life on it.I have been working on a graph in my not so spare time.

Hoping to beging working on a pattern for it in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to finish up the appliques for the Splendor Circle Coat I’ve been working on.(pattern can be found on Ravelry)

This is the coat.Im using the back as a canvas of sorts to make a castle and dragon scene. I’ve only gotten the tree branches done so far.

I took a break from working on my “Book” messenger bag with a Hocus Pocus theme.

I’m hoping to get the pattern finished over the weekend.

While taking my break I worked on a wonderful pattern for Dragon Scale fingerless gloves,that I found free on Ravelry.

They work up fairly quickly if you’re familiar with the dragon scale stitch

I’ve also been working on another hooded sweater/pullover.

Just testing different options for my V hoodie pattern I’ve already completed.

As if all that isn’t enough I still have some drawstring bags to make,an owl in a graduation cap,and I’m on overload with a new design for a dragon scale hooded pullover.

Needless to say ,there are not enough hours in the day.

Over the weekend I’ll post updates on the “Book” messenger bag.After all Halloween is fast approaching and what better way to say Happy Halloween than with something Hocus Pocus themed.

Everyone enjoy your holiday weekend!